Noctiphobia - Fear Of The Night

Fear Of The Night

Imagine having Noctiphobia- fear of the night and wanting to be out with your friends enjoying the nightlife in town.

Energy Therapy helped me overcome that fear so I could get out with my friends and not be afraid anymore.

Overcoming my fear was exciting because it opened up new doors for me.

The book itself was filled with so much information. I spent a great deal of time reading it.

I wanted to make sure I did everything right. I guess I did because I am now able to get out at night and meet new people.

Gina Franslau

Other Names

Fear of Night

Fear of Nighttime

Fear of The Night

Night Fear

Night Phobia

Nighttime Fear

Nighttime Phobia


Phobia of Night

Phobia of Nighttime

Phobia of The Night

The Night Fear

The Night Phobia

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