Nosophobia Or Nosemaphobia - Fear Of Becoming Ill

Fear Of Becoming Ill

It was so embarrassing for me to go out in public or even to work because I had Nosophobia or Nosemaphobia - fear of becoming ill.

I was always worried that I would become sick while I was out of the house.

Even at home, I had this fear. I read Phobia Release for overcoming this fear and it worked for me.

I had reservations about the book, but it did help me overcome my fear.

If I hear of someone else having a phobia, I would tell them about this book and tell them how much it helped me.

Diane Payne

Other Names

Becoming Ill Fear

Becoming Ill Phobia

Fear of Becoming Ill

Fear of Illness


Illness Fear

Illness Phobia



Phobia of Becoming Ill

Phobia of Illness

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