Nostophobia - Fear Of Returning Home

Fear Of Returning Home

Nostophobia- fear of returning home was a fear of mine forever since I can remember.

Why, I have no idea, except I was always afraid something would be wrong.

I needed to overcome my fear and used a book given to me by my husband called Energy Therapy.

I laughed when he gave it to me, but I was surprised when it helped me with overcoming my fear.

I was successful and now have no problem coming home, even to an empty house.

Thank you and also my husband for finding your site. It is a nice feeling.

Brenda Mason

Other Names

Fear of Home

Fear of Home Return

Fear of Returning Home

Home Fear

Home Phobia

Home Return Fear

Home Return Phobia


Phobia of Home

Phobia of Home Return

Phobia of Returning Home

Returning Home Fear

Returning Home Phobia

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