Novercaphobia - Fear Of Your Stepmother

Fear Of Your Stepmother

My daughter grew up with Novercaphobia - fear of your stepmother.

I tried everything I could think of to help her and could not do anything.

I found Phobia Release and thought, why not one more thing.

To overcome this fear she needed to read the book and apply what she read.

Since she wanted this to work, she did read and learn. Overcoming the fear was hard for her, but she has since learned how to be around her stepmother without fear.

The book was a blessing for my daughter and me.

Thank you for writing this book and sharing.

Pamela Peters

Other Names

Fear of Step Mother

Fear of Step Mothers

Fear of Your Step Mother


Phobia of Step Mother

Phobia of Step Mothers

Phobia of Your Step Mother

Step Mother Fear

Step Mother Phobia

Step Mothers Fear

Step Mothers Phobia

Your Step Mother Fear

Your Step Mother Phobia

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