Nyctophobia - Fear Of The Dark Or Of Night

Fear Of The Dark

Nyctophobia - fear of the dark or of night is what I had until I used your book Energy Therapy to help me to overcome the fear.

The fear had become bothersome and I needed help from somewhere. Overcoming my fear with the help of your book was a blessing.

My husband is a doctor and wanted me to have professional help, but that was out of the question for me.

I used your book and it worked. My husband is even impressed and we both wanted to say thank you for teaching me a way to help myself.

Glenda Franklin

Other Names

Dark Fear

Dark Phobia

Darkness Fear

Darkness Phobia

Fear of Dark

Fear of Darkness

Fear of the Dark

Fear of The Night

Phobia of Dark

Phobia of Darkness

Phobia of the Dark

Phobia of The Night

The Dark Fear

The Dark Phobia

The Night Fear

The Night Phobia

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