Obesophobia - Fear Of Gaining Weight

Fear Of Gaining Weight

Obesophobia - fear of gaining weight (Pocrescophobia) was my fear.

I would go without eating and drinking things that I thought would make me fat.

had such a problem that my family thought I might have an eating disorder, but I didn’t.

I just didn't want to eat. Overcoming this fear was somewhat special for me when I used Phobia Release, because I am now eating things that I would never eat before and I am still skinny.

I have overcome the phobia and I am enjoying my newfound favorite thing to do. I love to eat foods that I never would before.

Sally Timler

Other Names

Being Obese Fear

Being Obese Phobia

Fear of Being Obese

Fear of Gaining Weight

Fear of Getting Fat

Gaining Weight Fear

Gaining Weight Phobia

Getting Fat Fear

Getting Fat Phobia


Phobia of Being Obese

Phobia of Gaining Weight

Phobia of Getting Fat

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