Ochlophobia - Fear Of Crowds Or Mobs

Fear Of Crowds Or Mobs

Ochlophobia - fear of crowds or mobs is a real problem if you like to go to concerts and fairs.

I had never been to anything like that once I hit adulthood.

I wanted to overcome this problem so I could enjoy the fun things, but I needed help.

Overcoming this fear was done with your help. Well, your book Energy Therapy helped me.

It was a great book and supplied so much information that I had no problem beating my fear.

I am happy to be back to normal enjoying concerts and the state fair again. Thanks again.

Barb Mayer

Other Names

Fear of Mob

Fear of Mobs

Mob Fear

Mob Phobia

Mobs Fear

Mobs Phobia


Phobia of Mob

Phobia of Mobs

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