Octophobia - Fear Of The Figure 8

Fear Of The Figure 8

Sometimes it is hard to explain your phobia, but I had this weird phobia called Octophobia - fear of the figure 8.

I was not interested in overcoming my fear, but I wanted to try your book to see if it did work.

I read Phobia Release and applied the techniques I read and did succeed.

I have overcome my fear and I can say that your book did work for me.

The reading was easy and I could understand what was being told.

I just wanted to let you know that it worked for me and I was not even trying, really.

John Keller

Other Names

8 Fear

8 Phobia

Eight Fear

Eight Phobia

Fear of 8

Fear of Eight

Fear of The Figure 8

Fear of The Figure Eight


Phobia of 8

Phobia of Eight

Phobia of The Figure 8

Phobia of The Figure Eight

The Figure 8 Fear

The Figure 8 Phobia

The Figure Eight Fear

The Figure Eight Phobia

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