Pocrescophobia - Fear Of Gaining Weight (Obesophobia)


I needed to overcome Pocrescophobia- fear of gaining weight (Obesophobia) so that I could be healthy again.

I was so afraid of gaining weight that I would not eat much or drink.

It was killing me slowly. My doctor recommended treatment, but I decided to read the book Phobia Release and see if it would help me.

It worked great. Overcoming my fear has helped me so much.

I am now starting to gain a little weight and I must say that I look good finally.

I wanted to thank you for the help and to let you know how much your book helped me.

Dana Gunther

Other Names

Being Obese Fear

Being Obese Phobia

Fear of Being Obese

Fear of Gaining Weight

Fear of Getting Fat

Gaining Weight Fear

Gaining Weight Phobia

Getting Fat Fear

Getting Fat Phobia


Phobia of Being Obese

Phobia of Gaining Weight

Phobia of Getting Fat

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