Prosophobia - Fear Of Progress


Prosophobia- fear of progress was a real problem for me and overcoming this fear was not something I had a choice about doing.

My boss gave me a copy of your book Energy Therapy and suggested that I read it.

I did as he said and soon I was learning more about my fear and myself.

I was able to overcome my fear and move on with my job and my life.

I saw the book as a way to fix something that others could see besides myself.

I am happy to tell you that it worked and I am now a happy woman.

Faye Hunter

Other Names

Fear of Progress

Fear of Progressing

Fear of Progression

Phobia of Progress

Phobia of Progressing

Phobia of Progression

Progress Fear

Progress Phobia

Progressing Fear

Progressing Phobia

Progression Fear

Progression Phobia


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