Ranidaphobia - Fear Of Frogs


Yes, I had Ranidaphobia- fear of frogs and was terrified to go out in my backyard because I knew they were there.

To overcome this fear, I read Phobia Release.

It was so helpful that I wanted to send you a note telling you how happy I felt to be able to enjoy my backyard without any fear of these frogs.

Overcoming something like this was something I wanted for along time, but could not do it by myself.

Your book was a godsend to me. I appreciate everything you did to help me. I will always remember what I learned from this book.

Rhonda Mueller

Other Names

Fear of Frog

Fear of Frogs

Frog Fear

Frog Phobia

Frogs Fear

Frogs Phobia

Phobia of Frog

Phobia of Frogs

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