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Acrophobia - Fear Of Heights Cure

Acrophobia - Fear Of Heights Cure Testimonial

My fear of heights started when my two-year-old daughter fell from a second story porch. For twenty-five years, I lived with Acrophobia- Fear of heights and tried to overcome this fear with the help of a therapist with no positive results.

I started reading Energy Therapy and decided to try everything that it recommends. After some pain staking ordeals, I have succeeded in overcoming my fear of heights and have been able to visit the Sears Tower and The House on the Rocks in Wisconsin. At work, I can finally take the stairs to the second floor, which was almost impossible for me before.

P.G Florida

Different names for Acrophobia

Fear of Height
Fear of Heights
Fear of High
Fear of High Level
Fear of High Levels
Height Fear
Height Phobia
Heights Fear
Heights Phobia
High Fear
High Level Fear
High Level Phobia
High Levels Fear
High Levels Phobia
High Phobia
Phobia of Height
Phobia of Heights
Phobia of High
Phobia of High Level
Phobia of High Levels

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