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Alliumphobia - Fear Of Garlic Cure

Alliumphobia - Fear Of Garlic Cure Testimonial

Although this is not a serious problem, it is when you go out to a restaurant or to a friends house for dinner. I was just horrified by the smell of garlic. Alliumphobia - Fear of garlic was uncontrollable and I had to refuse to eat many times.

I had to overcome this fear since my wife is a great chef and uses garlic for so many dishes. She gave me the website for this book and I brought it, read it, and beat my fear of garlic. When overcoming a fear, you can finally enjoy the pleasures in life I have found out; my wife is the best cook around.

W.A. California

Different names for Alliumphobia

Belief Fear
Belief Phobia
Beliefs Fear
Beliefs Phobia
Fear of Belief
Fear of Beliefs
Fear of Opinion
Fear of Opinions
Opinion Fear
Opinion Phobia
Opinions Fear
Opinions Phobia
Phobia of Belief
Phobia of Beliefs
Phobia of Opinion
Phobia of Opinions

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