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Alliumphobia - Fear Of Garlic Cure

Alliumphobia - Fear Of Garlic Cure Testimonial

Although this is not a serious problem, it is when you go out to a restaurant or to a friend’s house for dinner. I was just horrified by the smell of garlic. Alliumphobia - Fear of garlic was uncontrollable and I had to refuse to eat many times.

I had to overcome this fear since my wife is a great chef and uses garlic for so many dishes. She gave me the website for this book and I brought it, read it, and beat my fear of garlic. When overcoming a fear, you can finally enjoy the pleasures in life I have found out; my wife is the best cook around.

W.A. California

Different names for Alliumphobia

– Belief Fear
– Belief Phobia
– Beliefs Fear
– Beliefs Phobia
– Fear of Belief
– Fear of Beliefs
– Fear of Opinion
– Fear of Opinions
– Opinion Fear
– Opinion Phobia
– Opinions Fear
– Opinions Phobia
– Phobia of Belief
– Phobia of Beliefs
– Phobia of Opinion
– Phobia of Opinions

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