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Allodoxaphobia - Fear Of Opinions Cure

Allodoxaphobia - Fear Of Opinions Cure Testimonial

I use to have this problem in school and realized until I was older, I had Allodoxaphobia- Fear of opinions. I was afraid to answer questions, give reports in front of a group because I was afraid of their opinions.

I had to overcome this fear since my new job required me to address a group once a week. I searched high and low until I found and the self- esteem book as well. I did succeed in overcoming my fear, but I was a little skeptical at first. If I could do this, I am sure others can as well.

R.R. Masachusetts

Different names for Allodoxaphobia

Fear of Height
Fear of Heights
Fear of High
Fear of High Level
Fear of High Levels
Height Fear
Height Phobia
Heights Fear
Heights Phobia
High Fear
High Level Fear
High Level Phobia
High Levels Fear
High Levels Phobia
High Phobia
Phobia of Height
Phobia of Heights
Phobia of High
Phobia of High Level
Phobia of High Levels

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