Alcoholism, Depression and Suicide

What is the Link Between Alcoholism, Depression and Suicide?

Statistics show that the relationship between alcoholism, depression and suicide is quite strong. Closely to fifty percent of suicides are committed under the influence of alcohol. Also, about 54% of suicides are committed by individuals that have been diagnosed with some type of depression.

It is not uncommon for depressed individuals to think about suicide. Also, we know that one of the common effects of being under the influence of alcohol when depressed is getting even more depressed. If you add these two they are very likely to produce a suicide attempt.

Alcohol is a depressant and that is why it makes a depressed individual even more depressed and hopeless. Alcohol blocks the communication between the brain cells and slows down or completely stops the production of neurotransmitters that are among other things responsible for our mood.

Sadly, sometimes depressed individuals self-medicate with alcohol without knowing that alcohol and depression should never be mixed. In fact the last thing that a depressed person should do is to consume alcohol beverages because alcohol will always make them weaker and vulnerable.

Reasons why alcohol and depression should never be mixed:

1. Alcohol is a depressant: Alcohol will never help you with your depression but it will deepen it and prolong it. Alcohol is like a food for depression and it "nourishes" it. Nobody has ever been cured with alcohol from depression or any other illness. Alcohol is never a part of a solution but a cause of many problems.

2. Alcohol unblocks your healthy fear: Fear is one of the main reasons why many tempted individual do not commit suicide. Healthy fear is very important for every day functioning. Without it you would be run over by a car the next time you wish to cross the street because you wouldn’t care about the traffic.

3. Alcohol impairs your judgment: When under the influence thinking straight is very difficult if not impossible which can be dangerous.

4. Alcohol releases the aggression: Aggression can be aimed against someone else or at oneself. The link between alcoholism, depression and suicide is obvious in this case because a suicidal depressed alcoholic will always use his aggression against himself.

Depressed alcoholics are the group of people with a very high percentage of suicide attempts; which is more evidence of the close relationship between alcoholism, depression and suicide and their lethal effect. This is why depressed alcoholics should be monitored until they get better. How to deal with alcoholism, depression and suicide temptation at the same time?

Whenever you have a problem in your life you need to analyze it and try to break it into smaller problems. In this case the problems are: alcoholism, depression and suicide temptations. Alcoholism must be addressed in alcohol counseling and depression and suicidal thoughts need to be worked on in psychotherapy.

In other words alcoholism and depression must be treated separately but simultaneously. This means that depression cannot be treated successfully if a patient continues drinking and vice versa; in order to treat a depressive alcoholic for his depression he or she must be in alcohol counseling as well as in psychotherapy.

In case of suicidal alcoholics that suffer from depression psychotherapy must be intense in the first few months or longer. Family therapy is also strongly recommended because family members can play a significant role in recovery of their loved one. However, for them to be able to do so they need to learn about depression and alcoholism first.

Psychotherapy, alcohol counseling, support, understanding and love can defeat alcoholism, depression and suicide temptations. The important thing is to be in the treatment and not to give up until you get better no matter how hard it may be at certain times.

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