Anxiety Disorder Cure

Positive Thinking as Anxiety Disorder Cure

The way you think is the way you feel and the way you feel is how you are.

Your anxiety disorder didn’t come out of nowhere but from inside of you. Your anxiety disorder is one of your answers to stress and the way you cope with life. Obviously this is not a productive way of coping with problems and stress simply because it causes even more problems and stress.

Your symptoms of anxiety and depression are your body’s alarm system that is alerting you that something in your life needs to be changed or else you may suffer severe consequences in the future. You should always listen to your body and respect its way of communicating with you. When you cut your finger you know how deep and bad it is because your body tells you through pain.

Symptoms of anxiety and depression are also painful and just as when you cut your finger while cutting bread you stop and take care of your finger you should do something about your anxiety symptoms. Don’t ignore your body’s messages because they will only intensify and be more unpleasant. If you want your symptoms gone you need to confront your disorder.

Remember your symptoms are not your illness or disorder. They are only signs of your illness that let you know that you are ill, and that something needs to be changed in your life. If you want to find an anxiety disorder cure you need to listen to your body and be prepared to help yourself.

Nobody can help you if you don’t want to help yourself. Your psychotherapist is there to educate you, guide you and provide you with support and advice. If you don’t cooperate you are only wasting your time and money. Anxiety disorder cures cannot be handed to you by your psychotherapist or anyone else.

Anxiety medications are not cure for anxiety disorder. Anxiety medication is used to reduce your symptoms of anxiety so that you are able to actively participate in psychotherapy and do other things that are essential for your successful recovery.

Unfortunately some people act as if alcohol is anxiety disorder cure and they drink it, and abuse it. Some are even mixing alcohol with anxiety medication which is the worst thing an individual that suffers from anxiety disorder can do. This is not just contra productive but also dangerous and potentially fatal.

Aside from psychotherapy alone or combined with medication you should work on your way of thinking. How to improve your thinking you should learn in psychotherapy and be guided by your therapist.

One illustration of how important the way of thinking is for your health:

It is well known throughout medical circles that patients that are optimists have better chances for successful recovery than pessimists. This is noticed by numerous doctors and other medical staff in different medical fields. Because of this studies had been conducted to test this hypothesis and it turned out to be true.

The example above is the best illustration of how important the way of thinking is for people and their quality of life. Therefore work on positive thinking as much as you can because that is a big part of an anxiety disorder cure.

There is only one life to live and that is why there is no reason to live it in fear and anticipation of worst possible outcomes. Don’t be a victim, be a fighter and believe in yourself and your capabilities to get better.

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