Causes Of Manic Depression

My Experience with Manic Depression

Some causes of manic depression that you might not understand or even know anything about can lead to unexplained behavior.

Sometimes the manic depression causes are so small or unusual that you do not see them as being a problem.

I know that I was blind to some of the causes and just assumed this was my normal behavior. I was doing things that I did not see anything wrong with because I had been doing them for so long.

I was unaware that I had a problem. I was surprised to learn about some the causes and started to realize that I could possibly have a problem.

The causes of manic depression were so clear to me after I saw what some of the causes were and realized that I could be displaying some manic depression symptoms. The list of manic depression causes is overwhelming.

You would never have quested that I was showing signs of depression because I would hide it from everyone. That was why I had so many different jobs. I never wanted anyone to know me, except for family and a few close friends. I decided that I needed help from a professional to determine if I was indeed suffering from manic depression.

I explained to the doctor the manic depression causes that I had read about and my behavior at times. He was very understanding and said that we needed to get to the exact cause of my depression. He did explain things to me so that I could understand the underlying cause of my depression. It was a joy for me to finally know why I did the things that I did.

I am surprised at what we have discovered through out sessions. The causes of manic depression are not something that can be dismissed if you want to find help.

Tami Keller, Georgia

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