Coitophobia - Fear of Coitus

About Coitophobia

This was a very strange fear for me to understand. Coitophobia- fear of coitus was not only difficult I felt strange even talking about it.

I finally decided that I needed help to overcome this since I really did want to have children and a husband. I found Phobia Release and it worked.

Now I did succeed in overcoming my fear, I am dating again and have met a nice man who I have shared my experience with and he is very supportive.

I am able to have a relationship with a man and I am hopeful that our wedding night is going to be just as special as our dating was. Thanks for helping me.

Yvonne Thuene

Other Names:

Coitus Fear

Coitus Phobia

Fear of Coitus

Fear of Sex

Fear of Sexual Intercourse


Phobia of Coitus

Phobia of Sex

Phobia of Sexual Intercourse

Sex Fear

Sex Phobia

Sexual Intercourse Fear

Sexual Intercourse Phobia

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