Contreltophobia - Fear of Sexual Abuse

About Contreltophobia

Contreltophobia- fear of sexual abuse was a real problem for my wife.

I suspect it came from years of abuse from a previous boyfriend before we were married. She enjoyed sex, but she was always afraid I would hurt her.

This was not true at all. She is a beautiful and loving person and I wanted to help her overcome this problem.

I try getting her to a doctor, but she refused. I found Phobia Release and begged her to try it.

She did and with my help, I could see she was overcoming her fear. The information worked and I am grateful.

Thomas Idlewood

Other Names:

Abuse Fear

Abuse Phobia


Being Sexually Abused Fear

Being Sexually Abused Phobia


Fear of Abuse

Fear of Being Sexually Abused

Fear of Sexual Abuse

Fear of Sexually Abused

Phobia of Abuse

Phobia of Being Sexually Abused

Phobia of Sexual Abuse

Phobia of Sexually Abused

Sexual Abuse Fear

Sexual Abuse Phobia

Sexually Abused Fear

Sexually Abused Phobia

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