Coprophobia - Fear of Feces

About Coprophobia

I have two cats and Coprophobia- fear of feces. You cannot imagine how angry my wife was with me when she became pregnant and needed me to start cleaning out the litter box.

I could not do it. The sight and the thought of doing it make me gag. She told me for her sake and the sake of the baby, I had to overcome this fear or get rid of the cats.

I had to find something to help me with overcoming this fear. I tried Energy Therapy and it worked. I was cleaning the litter box and I still do today. Our daughter is four months old now.

Jason Kolar

Other Names:

Fear of Fecal

Fear of Fecal Matter

Fear of Feces

Fecal Fear

Fecal Matter Fear

Fecal Matter Phobia

Fecal Phobia

Feces Fear

Feces Phobia

Phobia of Fecal

Phobia of Fecal Matter

Phobia of Feces

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