Cremnophobia - Fear of Precipices

About Cremnophobia

Have you ever known anyone having this fear, Cremnophobia- fear of precipices?

Not only did I feel the fear, but I also felt weird. I could not understand for the life of me why I had this fear.

Energy Therapy helped me in overcoming this fear and I am now feeling much better about myself.

When you need to overcome something you do not understand makes it harder, but your book made me understand things differently and allowed me to free myself from this fear and my feeling of being a little strange.

It is a gook book for anyone I think. Thanks.

Helen Gilbert

Other Names:

Fear of Precipice

Fear of Precipices

Phobia of Precipice

Phobia of Precipices

Precipice Fear

Precipice Phobia

Precipices Fear

Precipices Phobia

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