Cyclophobia - Fear of Bicycles

About Cyclophobia

My fear called Cyclophobia- fear of bicycles has plagued me since I was a child.

I fell once and never tried to learn how to ride a bike ever again.

Now that I am older and my family enjoys going for bike rides, I decided to overcome my fear and learn how to ride a bike so I can go along.

Energy Therapy has helped in overcoming my fear and my husband is teaching me how to ride a bike. I have a problem with balance, but I am doing all right.

He said he might have to buy a tandem bike for us since my balance is a bit to be desired.

Sherry Wilson

Other Names:

Bicycle Fear

Bicycle Phobia

Bicycles Fear

Bicycles Phobia

Bike Fear

Bike Phobia

Bikes Fear

Bikes Phobia


Fear of Bicycle

Fear of Bicycles

Fear of Bike

Fear of Bikes

Phobia of Bicycle

Phobia of Bicycles

Phobia of Bike

Phobia of Bikes

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