Cynophobia - Fear of Dogs or Rabies

About Cynophobia

My kids love dogs and want a dog so bad, but I have Cynophobia- fear of dogs or rabies.

I guest I have had it since I was little. Therefore, I promised my kids I would overcome my fear so they could have a dog as long as they cleaned up after it.

That might be a new fear in itself. I used Energy Therapy in overcoming my fear and even though I am a little leery of having the responsibly of a dog, I have brought one home and the kids are thrilled.

It is working out rather well, I am the one doing the potty training, but they are cleaning up outside so far.

Nadine Timmer

Other Names:

Canine Animals Fear

Canine Animals Phobia

Canine Fear

Canine Phobia

Canines Fear

Canines Phobia


Dog Fear

Dog Phobia

Dogs Fear

Dogs Phobia

Fear of Canine

Fear of Canine Animals

Fear of Canines

Fear of Dog

Fear of Dogs

Phobia of Canine

Phobia of Canine Animals

Phobia of Canines

Phobia of Dog

Phobia of Dogs

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