Decidophobia - Fear of Making Decisions

About Decidophobia

My fear was mainly a pain for my family, but sometimes for me as well.

I had Decidophobia- fear of making decisions and I wanted nothing to do with any decision making.

I decided I needed to overcome this problem, after I got sick of everyone making decisions for me. I read and re-read Phobia Release and applied the techniques.

I was mildly surprised when I succeeded in overcoming this fear.

I do not know why I waited so long, but I am happier now and I am now able to order off the menu in a restaurant instead of eating what everyone else thought I should eat.

Helen Fischer

Other Names:

Decision Fear

Decision Making Fear

Decision Making Phobia

Decision Phobia

Fear of Decision

Fear of Decision Making

Fear of Making Decisions

Making Decisions Fear

Making Decisions Phobia

Phobia of Decision

Phobia of Decision Making

Phobia of Making Decisions

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