Deipnophobia - Fear of Dining or Dinner Conversations

About Deipnophobia

I have never liked to talk during dinner, but never though of it as a fear until I started dating.

Deipnophobia - fear of dining or dinner conversations was not something I new anything about, but my friend thought it might account for my inability to have a conversation while eating.

I just always thought I was being polite. I had to overcome this since a dinner date with man usually includes talking.

My friend gave me Energy Therapy and I read it in two days and practiced what I read. I did have luck in overcoming my fear and now I might have another problem, I cannot seem to shut up at dinner.

Amanda Handley

Other Names:

Dining Fear

Dining Phobia

Dinner Conversation Fear

Dinner Conversation Phobia

Dinner Fear

Dinner Phobia

Fear of Dining

Fear of Dinner

Fear of Dinner Conversation

Phobia of Dining

Phobia of Dinner

Phobia of Dinner Conversation

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