Dementophobia - Fear of Insanity

About Dementophobia

Dementophobia - fear of insanity runs in my family and for good reason.

Many of my relatives have had sanity problems. I never really thought of this as a fear that could be corrected, but my mom told me about my aunt using your book Phobia Release to overcome her fear.

I got it from her by the way, but it did help me in overcoming my fear as well.

This was a nice feeling, since I know longer worry about becoming another family statistic. I do think you r book has some very useful information and I am thankful my aunt found your site and bought the book.

Sylvia Conner

Other Names:


Becoming Insane Fear

Becoming Insane Phobia

Fear of Becoming Insane

Phobia of Becoming Insane

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