Haphephobia Or Haptephobia - Fear Of Being Touched

Fear Of Being Touched

Haphephobia or Haptephobia- fear of being touched was ruining my chances for a normal relationship.

I needed help, turned to the Internet, and found your book, Energy Therapy.

I read and used the book to help me overcome my fear. In overcoming my fear, I realized that I starting over with many things.

I have a relationship that is much better than it has been and I know longer am afraid to hug someone or allow someone to hug me. I wanted to say thank you for writing this incredible book that has helped me more than you could know.

Shelia Panther

Other Names:


Being Touched Fear

Being Touched Phobia


Fear of Being Touched

Fear of Touch

Fear of Touched


Phobia of Being Touched

Phobia of Touch

Phobia of Touched

Touch Fear

Touch Phobia

Touched Fear

Touched Phobia

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