Phronemophobia - Fear Of Thinking


Phronemophobia- fear of thinking is a comical phobia to have when you think about it.

My wife has always told people I had this problem, but until recently, I never knew it was a phobia.

I had to overcome this problem before everyone in my wife's family looked at me strangely.

Overcoming this phobia was done with your book Energy Therapy. It helped me and I am happy to say, I no longer have a fear of thinking or thoughts.

Thank you for writing such an inspirational book. It is nice not being laughed at by my loving wife anymore.

Joe Blackburn

Other Names

Fear of Thinking

Fear of Thought

Fear of Thoughts

Phobia of Think

Phobia of Thinking

Phobia of Thought

Phobia of Thoughts

Think Fear

Think Phobia

Thinking Fear

Thinking Phobia

Thought Fear

Thought Phobia

Thoughts Fear

Thoughts Phobia

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