Phthiriophobia - Fear Of Lice (Pediculophobia)


I know this is common, but I had Phthiriophobia- fear of lice (Pediculophobia).

I was so afraid of touching anything that others had touched for fear of getting lice.

I would not try on clothes or anything before buying it.

I had to wash everything first. I found the book Phobia Release and used what I learned by reading to help me overcome my fear.

It was a rough road, but I did succeed in overcoming it and can now buy fewer clothes that I will never wear.

My husband also thanks you for writing this wonderful and helpful book.

Gail Schmitt

Other Names

Fear of Lice

Fear of Louse

Lice Fear

Lice Phobia

Louse Fear

Louse Phobia

Phobia of Lice

Phobia of Louse

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