Placophobia - Fear Of Tombstones


Overcoming a fear such as Placophobia- fear of tombstones is not as important as other phobias, but it is when a parent dies and you cannot visit the cemetery because of the tombstones, it becomes a horrible problem.

My husband suggested your book, Phobia Release and I was happy that it worked for me.

I have overcome my fear and can visit the cemetery without a problem now.

My husband had more faith in your book and me than I did.

Nevertheless, it worked for me and I just wanted to say thank you for a helpful and interesting book.

Sandra Neumann

Other Names

Fear of Tomb

Fear of Tombs

Fear of Tombstone

Fear of Tombstones

Phobia of Tomb

Phobia of Tombs

Phobia of Tombstone

Phobia of Tombstones

Tomb Fear

Tomb Phobia

Tombs Fear

Tombs Phobia

Tombstone Fear

Tombstone Phobia

Tombstones Fear

Tombstones Phobia

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