Plutophobia - Fear Of Wealth


Plutophobia - fear of wealth is not a problem I ever thought much about, but every time I seemed to prosper in work and get ahead, I did something to mess it up.

Overcoming the fear I had once I found out was easy when I read your book, Energy Therapy.

It was easy to understand and I was hopeful that it would work.

I have overcome my fear and I look forward to another chance at making a good living so I can succeed and maybe some day become a wealthy man.

Thanks for a great book that worked for me.

Hal Cummings

Other Names

Being Wealthy Fear

Being Wealthy Phobia

Fear of Being Wealthy

Fear of Money

Fear of Wealth

Money Fear

Money Phobia

Phobia of Being Wealthy

Phobia of Money

Phobia of Wealth

Wealth Fear

Wealth Phobia

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