Potamophobia - Fear Of Rivers Or Running Water


Potamophobia- fear of rivers or running water is a fear that can drive you nuts if you let it.

Overcoming a fear like this should have been easier, but I needed help.

I read Energy Therapy and followed it to the letter.

I did overcome my phobia or fear as some call it and now live happily next to a river.

My intention was to stay in my dream home, which was by a river.

I am happy to say that I am free of this fear and will continue to live in my home.

Thank you for a great book. It helped me when I most needed it.

Beverly Trossen

Other Names

Fear of River

Fear of Rivers

Fear of Running Water

Phobia of River

Phobia of Rivers

Phobia of Running Water

River Fear

River Phobia

Rivers Fear

Rivers Phobia

Running Water Fear

Running Water Phobia

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