Rhypophobia - Fear Of Defecation


Thank you very much for writing the book Energy Therapy.

I had Rhypophobia- fear of defecation and it was a nightmare after I started working.

I am not a weak person, but I felt like one because of this fear.

Overcoming my fear was an accomplishment for me. I read the book with much anticipation and was so happy to overcome my fear.

I think that this book could help many people suffering from phobias as I was.

It was so meaningful and I had to tell you how much I appreciate your book and your help when I needed it the most.

Susan Mayer

Other Names

Defecate Fear

Defecate Phobia

Defecation Fear

Defecation Phobia

Fear of Defecate

Fear of Defecation

Phobia of Defecate

Phobia of Defecation

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