Separation Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Separation Anxiety Disorder Treatment

About separation anxiety disorder treatment

Separation anxiety disorder is characterized with fear from being separated from the object of affection such as parents or spouse.

Contrary to the popular belief, separation anxiety disorder is more common in adults than in children. The problem with recognizing this type of anxiety disorder in adults is the fact that its symptoms are usually mistaken for possessiveness or jealousness.

Probably the best separation anxiety disorder treatment is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. In this type of psychotherapy individual, with help from psychotherapist, is changing irrational and contra productive thoughts with rational and productive way of thinking.

Psychotherapy alone is usually enough and sufficient separation anxiety disorder treatment and no anxiety medication are needed. However this fact doesn’t stop many health care professionals from prescribing anxiety medication and patients from taking it.

Important thing to know is that psychotherapy alone can be the sole answer to separation anxiety but medication cannot. Anxiety medication can be a very helpful therapeutic tool that reduces patient’s symptoms and enables him or her to participate in psychotherapy where the real healing process takes place.

When taking anxiety medication one needs to be careful and disciplined. Medication should be taken as prescribed and regularly. There are individuals that take the anxiety medication when they feel anxious and when their symptoms are reduced they stop taking the medication until the next time they experience symptoms of anxiety and depression.

This is a big mistake that can deepen and prolong their disorder and their suffering. Anxiety medication needs to be taken for at least six months and under the health care professional’s supervision. Separation anxiety disorder treatment should never consist only out of taking anxiety medication but psychotherapy alone or combined with medication.

Anxiety medication is not a cure for separation anxiety or any other type of anxiety. Cure for separation anxiety is psychotherapy. Together with your therapist you will find that cure if you work hard and make the appropriate changes in your life.

Children that suffer from separation anxiety disorder are treated in psychotherapy as well as adults but with different approach because of their age and cognitive abilities. Parents should be extra careful if their child is taking anxiety medication. Medication should be guarded away from the child and given as prescribed while making sure that child had really taken the medication.

A child should always be supervised by a parent when taking the medication and in psychotherapy. In psychotherapy a child that suffers from separation anxiety is treated for his or her disorder. Anxiety medication should be taken only if necessary which is the severe type of anxiety with intense and debilitating anxiety symptoms.

Symptoms are not an illness but only signs of an illness. Illness is usually there long before the symptoms show up. This is why if you take anxiety medication and your symptoms are reduced or if you are even relieved from them, that doesn’t mean that you are cured from your anxiety disorder.

Separation anxiety disorder treatment is a process and not an event. You should prepare yourself for that process that is long and hard but very rewarding. It is much easier to fight your separation anxiety for years than to suffer from it whole your life. Don’t look for quick solutions and magical pills because they don’t exist.

Causes of separation anxiety in adulthood are deep inside the individual and time and effort is needed to find and resolve them. This is why you should arm yourself with patience and be prepared to work hard on getting better because that is the only way for you to truly beat and overcome your anxiety disorder.

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