Ancraophobia- Fear Of Wind

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Most people enjoy the wind, but I had Ancraophobia - fear of wind. (Anemophobia) and was so afraid of the wind, I would huddle during strong windstorms. I live in Nebraska and we have many windy days throughout the year. Short of moving, I needed to over my fear some how. I tried self-help products to no avail. I tried one more, the book called Phobia Release and have finally succeeded in overcoming my fear. I no longer huddle in the shower or my closet when the wind comes along. I am so happy now. I can walk outside and enjoy the breezy and windy weather.

Trina Falk, Alaska

Other Names for Ancraophobia

Air Draft Fear
Air Draft Phobia
Draft Fear
Draft Phobia
Drafts Fear
Drafts Phobia
Fear of Air Draft
Fear of Air Drafts
Fear of Draft
Fear of Drafts
Fear of Wind
Fear of Windy
Phobia of Air Draft
Phobia of Air Drafts
Phobia of Draft
Phobia of Drafts
Phobia of Wind
Phobia of Windy
Wind Fear
Wind Phobia
Windy Fear
Windy Phobia

Phobia Chart - The Complete List of Phobia Definitions

Altophobia - Fear Of Dust / Amathophobia - Fear Of Riding In Cars / Amaxophobia - Fear Of Walking / Ambulophobia - Fear Of Amnesia / Amychophobia - Fear Of Scratches Or Being Scratched / Anablephobia - Fear Of Looking Up / Ancraophobia- Fear Of Wind / Androphobia - Fear Of Men / Anginophobia - Fear Of Angina, Choking Or Narrowness / Anglophobia - Fear Of England or English Culture / Angrophobia - Fear Of Anger Or Of Becoming Angry / Ankylophobia - Fear Of Immobility Of A Joint / Anthrophobia Or Anthophobia - Fear Of Flowers / Anthropophobia - Fear Of People Or Society / Antlophobia - Fear Of Floods / Anuptaphobia - Fear Of Staying Single / Apeirophobia - Fear Of Infinity / Aphenphosmphobia - Fear Of Being Touched (Haphephobia) / Apiphobia - Fear Of Bees / Apotemnophobia - Fear Of Persons With Amputations / Arachibutyrophobia- Fear Of Peanut Butter Sticking To The Roof Of The Mouth / Arachnephobia Or Arachnophobia - Fear Of Spiders / Arithmophobia - Fear Of Numbers

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