Amaxophobia - Fear Of Walking

Fear Of Walking Cure

If you enjoy walking, you will understand how annoying a fear of this type can affect your life. Amaxophobia - fear of walking was consuming my life. I could do anything. I am not very sure what my thinking was or why this became a problem for me, but I needed to overcome this as soon as I could. I tried everything until found Phobia Release. I was about to give up and then found my cure for my fear. The technique works so well, I am walking and enjoying the lengthy walks with my German Shepherd Missy. Overcoming this fear released me from myself.

Shelia McDermott, California

Other Names for Amaxophobia

Fear of Walk
Fear of Walking
Phobia of Walk
Phobia of Walking
Walk Fear
Walk Phobia
Walking Fear
Walking Phobia

Phobia Chart - The Complete List of Phobia Definitions

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