Altophobia - Fear Of Dust

Altophobia - Fear Of Dust Cure Testimonial

The fear of dust also called Altophobia drove me nuts for years. I was constantly cleaning and never sat still. I drove myself crazy. I had to dust I had an opportunity to read about 5 Day NLP Phobia Release and decided I needed to try the techniques and information that was offered. I was amazed at how quickly I was in overcoming my fear of dust. To overcome something that hinders my life was the most rewarding thing I had done for myself. I now am able to be anywhere without the uncanny desire to rid the room of dust.

Veronica Hafner, California

Other Names for Altophobia

Dust Fear
Dust Mite Fear
Dust Mite Phobia Dust Mites Fear
Dust Mites Phobia
Dust Phobia
Dusty Fear
Dusty Phobia
Fear of Dust
Fear of Dust Mite
Fear of Dust Mites
Fear of Dusty
Phobia of Dust
Phobia of Dust Mite
Phobia of Dust Mites
Phobia of Dusty

Phobia Chart - The Complete List of Phobia Definitions

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