Anuptaphobia - Fear Of Staying Single

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I have heard that this problem affects both men and women. I never really understood my fear until I stumbled across it in a health magazine. Anuptaphobia- fear of staying single has bothered me for quite some time now. I am afraid to be along and look for someone to be with, and usually move to fast. I read this book called Phobia Release and did finally overcome my fear. After overcoming the fear, I was able to move slower in relationships and I am no long afraid of being single. I am also much happier with my life.

Faye Rammer, Alaska

Other Names

Being Single Fear
Being Single Phobia
Fear of Being Single
Fear of Single
Fear of Staying Single
Phobia of Being Single
Phobia of Single
Phobia of Staying Single
Single Fear
Single Phobia
Staying Single Fear
Staying Single Phobia

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