Anemophobia - Fear Of Air Drafts Or Wind

Fear Of Air Drafts Or Wind Cure

Most people do not understand Anemophobia- fear of air drafts or wind (Ancraophobia) and tend to be a little skeptical. The fear of drafts and windy conditions scared me something awful. I am supposed to be the man of the family and protect my family. They had to protect me from myself. To overcome such a fear I read and used the techniques in Phobia Release and was competent in overcoming my fear. I just wanted to say thank you to the author. I am much happier and no longer plagued with the fear that hindered my abilities to protect my family.

Milton Bernard, Ontario

Other Names for Anemophobia

Air Draft Fear
Air Draft Phobia
Draft Fear
Draft Phobia
Drafts Fear
Drafts Phobia
Fear of Air Draft
Fear of Air Drafts
Fear of Draft
Fear of Drafts
Fear of Wind
Fear of Windy
Phobia of Air Draft
Phobia of Air Drafts
Phobia of Draft
Phobia of Drafts
Phobia of Wind
Phobia of Windy
Wind Fear
Wind Phobia
Windy Fear
Windy Phobia

Phobia Chart - The Complete List of Phobia Definitions

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