Angrophobia - Fear Of Anger Or Of Becoming Angry

Fear Of Anger Or Of Becoming Angry Cure

If you have Angrophobia - fear of anger or of becoming angry, you may need to get help before things get out of hand. I suffered from this fear and was afraid to think or talk to people for fear of mean or saying something out of anger. This problem was something I needed to overcome, as I got a little older. I am twenty-two years old now and worked on overcoming this phobia with the help of Energy Therapy. I found this book to help me cure my fear and now can enjoy talking to people more than before.

Toby Corran, Iowa

Other Names

Anger Fear
Anger Phobia
Angry Fear
Angry Phobia
Becoming Angry Fear
Becoming Angry Phobia
Fear of Anger
Fear of Angry
Fear of Becoming Angry
Phobia of Anger
Phobia of Angry
Phobia of Becoming Angry

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