Ambulophobia - Fear Of Amnesia

Fear Of Amnesia Cure

If you ever forgot something and felt scared, imagine my worst fear, Ambulophobia- fear of amnesia. I was always afraid of forgetting things and was a compulsive writer. I wrote everything down, even my own phone number, my name, everything. I was so afraid of having amnesia. I was living with this problem and never thought about overcoming my fear until my mother suggested Energy Therapy a phobia release technique. Once I followed everything I read and practiced what I read, I was able to overcome my fear. This allows me to remember things without a need to write things down for fear of forgetting.

Liz Jochman, New Mexico

Other Names for Ambulophobia

Amnesia Fear
Amnesia Phobia
Fear of Amnesia
Phobia of Amnesia

Phobia Chart - The Complete List of Phobia Definitions

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