Amychophobia - Fear Of Scratches Or Being Scratched

Fear Of Scratches Or Being Scratched Cure

I have a friend who as a young child was scratched by a cat and showed signs of cat scratch fever. From that time on, he developed Amychophobia - fear of scratches or being scratched and was unable to do many things that men do. Anything that posed a potential for being scratched, he avoided it. He needed to overcome this fear in order to perform daily activities. I recommended that he use Energy Therapy a phobia release program, which he did. He was happy in overcoming his fear and being able to do things that required a scratch here or there. He now does or carpentry work and even some plumbing.

Pamela Gardapee, Georgia

Other Names for Amychophobia

Being Scratched Fear
Being Scratched Phobia
Fear of Being Scratched
Fear of Scratch
Fear of Scratches
Fear of Scratching
Phobia of Being Scratched
Phobia of Scratch
Phobia of Scratches
Phobia of Scratching
Scratch Fear
Scratch Phobia
Scratches Fear
Scratches Phobia
Scratching Fear
Scratching Phobia

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