Causes of Teenage Depression

What are the Causes of Teenage Depression?

There are many causes of teenage depression: genetic makeup, pressure, stress, trauma, medication, physical condition, alcohol and drug abuse etc.

Some causes of teenage depression are obvious, some other are hidden however they all can equally cause a depressive disorder.

Genetic makeup:

For some types of depression such as bipolar disorder, it is strongly believed they run in families. This means that if your parents or grandparents suffered from depression, you are at higher risk of getting depressed at some point in your life than individuals who don’t have depression in their family history.


One of the main causes of teenage depression is pressure. Teenagers are exposed to a lot of pressure at a very sensitive point of their lives when they are vulnerable and confused. Teenage boys and girls are experiencing major hormonal change in puberty which can be stressful.

Along with hormonal change there is also body change which is not always pleasant.

Acne can cause a lot of stress for a teenager. Severe acne problem can cause social withdrawal which can lead to depression. Many teenagers are not satisfied with the way they look due to media pressure.

Perfect hair, smooth and spotless skin, dark tan, slim bodies, long eye lids, 60 90 60 measures and many other unrealistic things are all around teenage girls. In every magazine, on billboards, in movies, on TV there are these fake Photoshop goddesses that are setting standards of what desirable women look like. It is no wonder why some teenage girls get depressed.


Pressure and stress are closely related causes of teenage depression. When there is more pressure there is more stress which makes a teenager more vulnerable. Stress is a leading cause of many illnesses and depressive disorders are no exception.


Some types of depressive disorders are caused by traumatic events. This is why any kind of trauma should never be ignored. The problem is that teenagers sometimes suffer in silence because they are afraid or ashamed. This is often the case with physical, mental or sexual abuse.

A dysfunctional family or any kind of abusive environment can cause depression in teenagers. It is very difficult to treat a depressive teenager who lives in a dysfunctional family because his or her depression is nourished and maintained with everyday life in that family.


Some medications can have side effects which can resemble symptoms of depression. This is why if your teenager is depressed first thing you need to make sure is that she or he is not taking some medication with side effects that resemble symptoms of depressive disorder.

Physical Condition:

Teenagers who get chronically ill with some serious disease such as cancer, heart disease or HIV are much more vulnerable to depression than healthy individuals. This is why they need special psychological support.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse:

Alcohol and drug abuse can cause, worsen and/or prolong depression. Alcohol and depression should never be mixed because alcohol is a depressant which means that a depressed person who drinks alcohol will always end up more depressed.

Teenagers often experiment with alcohol and drugs without knowing that alcohol and drug abuse are one of the leading causes of teenage depression. Teenagers should be educated as much as possible about alcohol and illegal drugs.

They need to know what alcohol does to their organs and nervous system.

Bad education and strategy against alcohol abuse in teenagers may be the leading indirect causes of teenage depression, because many teenagers do not understand the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. Teenagers must know what they are doing to themselves if they are using drugs or if they are self-medicating with alcohol.

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