Severe Teenage Depression Symptoms

Learn About Severe Teenage Depression Symptoms

Symptoms of teenage depression and depression in general can be categorized in many ways:

1. Physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioral symptoms of depression

2. Obvious, masked and hidden symptoms of depression

3. Mild, moderate and severe symptoms of depression

Severe teenage depression symptoms are always visible or obvious.

Unfortunately that doesn’t mean that they are always taken seriously and acted upon.

This is unfortunate, because severe teenage depression symptoms are clear signs of teenage depression and that a teenager needs professional help.

If a teenager is not appropriately treated for severe depression the outcome can be fatal. This is why if you notice any severe signs of teenage depression, you need to act quickly and get help for your child.

You, on your own cannot treat your severely depressed child no matter how hard you try. In fact you can do more damage than good. Not because you are a bad parent but because you are not a trained professional and you are emotionally attached. Also severe teenage depression symptoms will never go a way by themselves. They need to be addressed and treated appropriately.

Even though you cannot treat your child for teenage depression, you can do many things to help her or him. You can provide the best treatment you can afford, learn as much as you can about your teenager’s disorder and be supportive and loving.

What are the Severe Teenage Depression Symptoms?

· Planning out suicide: If you find out your teenager is planning out suicide or talks about suicide you need to act accordingly even though everything in your child's life may seem perfect. Many times teenagers do not talk about their problems with their parents, especially when they have serious problems. This is not because their parents are not good, but because they may feel guilty about what is happening to them. For example it is very common for teenagers that are sexually molested to be silent about it.

· Attempted suicide: Any attempt at suicide must be taken seriously.

· Aggressive behavior: Physical aggression towards parents is one of the most common severe teenage depression symptoms. Of course aggressive behavior is not always a sign of depression even though in many cases it is. Aside from physical aggression intense verbal aggression is also symptomatic for depressed teenagers. Even though it is common for teenagers to be “wordy” it is not normal to bully others all the time.

· Abusive behavior: The abuse of animals or younger siblings is always alarming and needs to be addressed appropriately. Animal abuse should never be overlooked for many reasons one of them is the fact that the object of aggression can change; from an animal to another person or itself.

· Isolation: Not going to school and complete social withdrawal is also one of the most common severe teenage depression symptoms.

· Alcohol problems: A teenager that has severe alcohol problems is almost definitely depressed. Alcohol is a depressant and aside from making an individual more vulnerable, it can cause and prolong depression as well. This is why when treating alcoholism depression needs to be treated too.

· Hopelessness: As one teenage patient told me: "When there is no hope there is no life." This was her answer to my question why did she try to kill herself. Hopelessness is a definite sign of depression.

· Severe mood swings

· Risk taking behaviors

· Intrusive thoughts

It is important to know what the severe teenage depression symptoms are, because if your teenager is severely depressed you need to act right a way. Severe depression must be treated and when treated most of the patients get better and move on with their lives.

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