Cholerophobia - Fear of Anger or the Fear of Cholera

Cholerophobia Cure

I know this is probably nothing new for people but I had Cholerophobia - fear of anger or the fear of cholera and was fearful of anyone who raised their voices around me.

I just shook and needed to escape. I did overcome the phobia with the help of Phobia Release.

It is a great technique in helping me with overcoming my fear and trying to remain confident in my associates even when they raise their voices, I anger. My profession requires this and I am happy to be able to perform my duties without fear that made my life so unhappy.

Mollie Blacken

Other Names

Cholera Fear

Cholera Phobia


Fear of Cholera

Phobia of Cholera

Phobia Chart - The Complete List of Phobia Definitions

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