Depression Hurts

How Does Depression Hurt?

"Depression hurts so bad that I can’t live any more". These were Amy’s words ten days after she tried to commit suicide at her family home. Amy, a 35 year old mother of two, lost the meaning of her life.

Amy’s husband was a good provider, but poor support during difficult times.

"My husband is the best husband on this planet when I’m in a good mood, but as soon as that changes he pools away".

Whenever Amy got depressed her husband did not know how to react and give her the support she needed the most. This is not because he did not love her, but because nobody ever taught him what depression is and what depressed people need. This is why family therapy is needed when treating depression.

Amy, why do you want to die?

"Depression hurts everybody around me, my husband, my children, my friends and it’s my fault because I am the one who is depressed. When I’m depressed I am the worst mother and the worst wife and they are all better off without me."

What about when you are not depressed? What kind of a mother and wife are you then?

"I am, I am… I am a good mother and a good wife to my husband."

Why does depression hurt so badly?

"Depression hurts because it hurts everybody I love. Whenever I am depressed something bad happens. Depression hurts because, when I’m depressed, I am not myself. I become this angry, irritating, ugly and moody person that terrorizes everybody around her. Nothing makes me happy and I make everybody miserable. That is why depression hurts."

Amy suffered from major depression with repetitive episodes. However, after a year of intensive psychotherapy and six months of antidepressants she was much better. Now, she is only in what is called a preventive psychotherapy, to maintain her well being. Her children have their mother back and her husband learned how to support his wife in difficult times and does a great job in doing so.

Depression hurts on so many levels. It hurts physically, psychologically and emotionally. Physical depression pains are headaches or some other unexplained chronic pain (abdominal, muscle or joint pain). Even though the physical pain that is caused by depression can be unbearable, the emotional pain is the most destructive.

The guilt that a depressive person feels is sometimes overwhelming. Unfortunately the more an individual is depressed the more he or she feels guilty after the depressive episode or at the time when the symptoms reduce.

In many cases, there is no guilt, but when guilt is present it is very destructive. Guilt is never a good thing. Responsibility on the other hand is always a good thing with many positive outcomes.

Treatment for Depression

Psychotherapy is the best answer to depression. It is not always the sole answer to depressive disorder, but in many cases, it can be. Along with psychotherapy, sometimes, in more severe cases, antidepressants are used. Antidepressants help reduce patient’s symptoms so that he or she is more capable of taking part in psychotherapy.

Natural supplements can be used in treating depression as well as some other types of alternative medicine such as hormonal therapy, light therapy or some other therapy depending on type of depressive disorder.

Close to 90% of patients that receive the proper treatment get better. This is a great percentage and there is no reason for you to suffer any longer. If one type of depression therapy did not work for you, change it. If one therapist did not help you, change him or her. Do not stop until you find the right answer to your depression, because it is out there.

Whenever you think about giving up, remember that depression hurts the most when it is not treated. Therefore giving up or doing nothing is not an option because you deserve your life back.

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