What is Depression Self Help

About Depression Self Help

Depression self help can be an important part of depression treatment. Also, in addition, depression self help is the most important part of depression prevention and stopping depression from reappearing.

What can I do to help myself when depressed?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions and it is a very important one. There are numerous things you can and should do when you feel depressed.

Depression Self Help Steps:

1. When you are depressed make yourself do something you like doing. ( e.g. for women: go shopping, do your hair, do your nails and makeup and go out with friends; e.g. for men: go play your favorite sport, ask your lady to do something special for you, get together with "boys" but don’t have a beer or any other alcoholic drink).

2. After you do something nice for yourself and cheer up a bit, sit down with someone very close to you or if there is nobody around, do it by yourself, and think about what made you depressed.

3. Whatever you feel made you depressed, confront that part of your life and start making some changes no matter how difficult it may be in the beginning.

4. Get yourself involved in some group activity you enjoy. (e.g. a book reading club, karate club, writing club, chess club, baking club etc).

5. Make physical exercises a regular part of your life. (e.g. running, weight lifting, swimming, tennis, dancing etc) Does depression self help work?

Depression self help works if you are disciplined and persistent. If you know that in part you are responsible for your depression, then it is common sense that you can do something to help yourself. The more responsibility you are wiling to accept, the more powerful you are. If you are responsible for something, it is in your power to change it. Is depression self help enough to beat depression?

Depression self help can be enough for mild depression. Psychotherapy is mandatory for moderate and severe depression in order for treatment to be successful. This, however, does not mean that depression self help can’t be an important part of the depression treatment. On the contrary, depression self help is always useful and can be of great importance if a person is disciplined and determined to get cured himself or herself.

Depression and Exercise

Physical exercise is always good for you. Of course, the type and intensity of physical exercise should be appropriate for your age and general health condition. For example, for elderly people, any physical activity such as a simple walk in a park is recommended and is helpful.

During physical activity, your body is cleaning itself from toxic materials through sweating. Your brain gets more oxygen, your heart and other muscles get stronger, and your stress level reduces. Of course psychological positive change follows all of these positive physical changes in your body as well.

Depression Self Help: Depression Prevention

Depression self help can play an important role in preventing depression from occurring and reoccurring. If you have been depressed or if you are currently depressed, the best thing to do is to, together with your therapist, make a list of things you can do in order to help yourself.

There are numerous things you can do to make yourself feel better and stay that way. Some options you have are discussed above in the depression self help steps.

However, there are many other things you can do or stop doing in order to reach your goal- such as living your life depression free; and the only person that knows best what those things are, is you. In conclusion, depression self help can be the sole answer to depression or an important part of depression treatment depending on its severity.

It also can play a major role in preventing depression from reoccurring, which is one of the biggest problems with depressive disorders. All this means that depression self help can be a very powerful anti depression tool. Aren’t you going to use it?

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