Hydrophobia - Fear Of Water Or Of Rabies

Fear Of Water Or Of Rabies

This is what my doctor told me I had Hydrophobia- fear of water or of rabies, but the water part.

I did not have a fear of rabies but this is the phobia that fit my fears.

I used your book called Energy Therapy to overcome my fear. I friend found the book and told me to check it out.

I have to say, I did not think it could help me in overcoming my fear, but it did rather well. I wanted to tell you thank you and let you know that your book was very helpful and very useful.

Tami Neumann

Other Names:

Fear of Rabid

Fear of Rabies


Phobia of Rabid

Phobia of Rabies

Rabid Fear

Rabid Phobia

Rabies Fear

Rabies Phobia

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