Pteromerhanophobia - Fear Of Flying


This is not a good fear to have if you have to all of a sudden start traveling.

I had Pteromerhanophobia - fear of flying and my new position with work required one flight a month.

I was petrified to even look at the plane. Phobia Release helped me overcome the fear and be able to look at a plane and walk onboard.

If I was not successful in overcoming my fear, I could have lost my job. I am thankful to you for writing this book. It was something that helped me and worked very effectively to help me with this fear.

Kenneth Schultz

Other Names

Fear of Flight

Fear of Landing

Fear of Take-Off

Fear of Turbulence

Fear to Fly

Flight Phobia

Flying Fear

Flying Phobia

Phobia of Flight

Phobia of Flying

Phobia of Landing

Phobia of Take-Off

Phobia of Turbulence

Phobia to Fly

To Fly Phobia

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