Pyrophobia - Fear Of Fire


Until I read Phobia Release, I had Pyrophobia- fear of fire and wanted to overcome it.

The book had some quality information, which I read with interest.

I soon found out that this book was going to be able to help me with overcoming my fear.

I was so excited when I was finally able to say, that I was over my fear of fire. I could rest easier and learned to relax more.

I have you to thank for the book and wanted to share the good news with you. It is so wonderful that you can help people like me.

Gina Meyer

Other Names


Fear of Fire

Fear of Flame

Fear of Flames

Fire Fear

Fire Phobia

Flame Fear

Flame Phobia

Flames Fear

Flames Phobia

Phobia of Fire

Phobia of Flame

Phobia of Flames

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